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The Mission of FirstRoots is to provide quality early care and education in order to understand each child's unique developmental profile.  We strive to Achieve the highest level of professional development, Build a community where families feel connected to one another and to the wider community, and Cultivate sustainable environmental choices and business practices to create a healthy environment for the children and teachers who care for them. 

Our Story

In the Spring of 2011, we moved our family to Vermont with a goal of starting a sustainable business that would grow out of a union of our professional training and personal interests and make an important contribution to our community.  Two years later, we acquired Annette's Preschool in Hinesburg and began a journey to bring our vision of becoming the first-choice early care and education program in Chittenden county to life. This despite the inquires from our then teenage children as to when our "hippie experiment would be over!"  We have worked together as a couple for over 25 years on various community events, utilizing Andrew's financial training and commercial business experience along with Andrea's expertise in child development and community organizing. The focus of Annette's Preschool has grown in last 5 years and the focus is on developing your children based on a nature based curriculum.


We are pleased to continue this growth and build strong home-school relationships with each of our FirstRoots Infant-Toddler families in Hinesburg and Underhill and to be able to see their children grow to become engaged, informed and compassionate future citizens of Vermont!


Andrea & Andrew 

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